Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies

This entry came from me – Bebe at Bebe’s Kitchen. I want to share a special recipe – a super combo of brownies and chocolate chip cookies mix called Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies. This is my first time ever on making brownies and cookies. So I’m really excited to show you all the final result. For a full recipe, please visit my blog.

“When we chose this ingredient as the theme for this month challenge, I already knew what I would make… a chocolate chip cookies. But then I found this special recipe and I thought “hey, why not.. .” and turned out it looked really good. It got the hard-cookie texture on top, but gooey on the bottom part like a typical brownies would be. It’s a nice combo and for me — who’s not really a big fan of brownies… I love it” – Bebe



  1. Thank goodness its not possible to grab the bowl on the screen. I’d eat the entire bowl. Oh…when a chocolate chip cookie meets a brownie…

  2. That photo looks so good, I can almost taste them!

  3. […] Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies ( […]

  4. Shannon McCarthy · · Reply

    These look to die for! My husband found your choc chip cookie brownie recipe online and is insisting I make them this weekend =) Thanks for sharing. Once I finish up with my “real job” of baking cakes, I’ll give this a shot. We both enjoy your blog, just baked!
    – Shannon

    1. Thanks very much, Shannon.
      Your crumb cakes looked delicious 🙂

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