July Cooking Challenge: Strawberry

Summer is definitely here, and to celebrate the season we’ve decided the theme for this month.


When we talk about summer, berries are the first fruits that came to your mind. And I’m guessing that strawberry is the cheapest one you can get. That’s why we picked strawberry as this month’s theme. Because it’s rich in flavours, vitamins, great smell, colour and affordable.

And just like last month, you can do pretty much anything with it. It doesn’t have to be desserts / sweets. Proper food / salad / drinks also acceptable 🙂

So, that’s it our theme for this month’s challenge. Don’t forget, your post should be online no later than the 8th (August) if you wish to participate in the challenge – this is in order for us to have enough time to compile everything by the 9th (August). Also make sure to check our rules before you link up your post.

We’re looking forward for your fantastic recipes :)

Have fun!

Recipe ideas from Ridha’s Kitchen



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