August Cooking Challenge: Courgette / Zucchini

Something different for this month’s challenge. Let’s see our main ingredient for this month 🙂

 Courgette / Zucchini

Google told us that in culinary world, it is a vegetable. However in botanically world, it is a fruit. Pretty special, eh? Also still very summery (even though summer is almost over now).

You can make pretty much anything with it. Soup, pancake, cake, fritters, salad, etc. And since this is a special plant, we don’t want to limit you with just this green fruit / vegetable to be used in your recipe. You can use other colours too. Actually the yellow one has a really nice colour. Plus, you can also use the flowers in your recipe. See?

So what are you waiting for? Submit your old recipes using the fruit or the flower or make something new. And don’t forget to check our rules if you wish to participate in it.

Please submit your recipe no later than the 8th (September). So we can compile everything by the 9th (September).

We’re looking forward to your special recipes 🙂


Have fun!



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