November Cooking Challenge: Mushrooms

Hi Everyone!

Finally we have a new theme for this month. After two months break we’re back and ready to start again. Without further ado let’s see the  theme for this month 🙂


Mushroom is a unique plant. And we can’t really classify this plant into vegetables or fruits. It’s different. We like it. That’s why we decided to make mushroom as our theme for this month.

Here in Sweden, mushroom picking time is over, but you can always find them in the supermarket. We can find at least 5 different types of mushrooms sold in a big supermarket.

In the picture is brown button mushroom and winter chanterelle. But you can use any type of mushrooms, as long as it’s still in mushroom family 🙂

And as usual, you can make anything with it. The sky is the limit.

Don’t forget to check our rules if you wish to participate in the challenge and please submit your picture and short description of the recipe before the end of the month (29th November).

See you soon and we’re looking forward to your recipes 🙂



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