December Monthly Challenge: Cinnamon

December already? And you know what it means. Holiday season, yes.

To celebrate the holiday season, we want to introduce this month’s challenge.



Cinnamon is one common spice and everyone uses it a lot in food (mostly desserts). So that’s why we picked this ingredient, because we want to have a sweet celebration for the last month of the year.

Since this month is a little bit special, we decided to add a little twist. Just something to make it more fun. This time, you can’t cook anything you like. It has to be something sweet. Cookies, cakes, buns, bread or even ice cream. You can cook it, bake it, grill it, up to you, as long as the final product will be sweet :). Cool right?

Don’t forget to check the rules if you wish to participate. Send us your picture or give us permission to use your pictures from your blog. And please don’t forget to link up to this post (unless you don’t have wordpress blog).

Submit your recipe before 28th December, so we can round up everything by the 29th December. That way we can also have fun time and ready for the new year 🙂

We’re looking forward to your recipes.



  1. Yay! Love Cinnamon….and love sweet! 🙂 Great challenge!

    1. Looking forward to your recipe, Kenley! 🙂

  2. […] UPDATE: This is still my favourite recipe that I’ve posted on this blog, and I must get myself baking these again. They fill the house with a wonderful seasonal spice aroma and taste so good for breakfast on a lazy morning. For these reasons I’ve decided to enter it into the two little chefettes’ monthly baking competition for december. […]

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  4. jenyjohn · · Reply

    hai… looking forward to participate in this challenge….

  5. Hi! I really love your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award! Please check:

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  8. […] month’s theme is cinnamon (you can read more about the challenge here). But since December is a special month for lots of people so we decided to do a little bit twist […]

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