January Challenge: Nuts


The very first post in 2013! YAAAAY!! So how was your new year’s celebration? Did you do anything interesting? Party? Stayed at home? Slept for a year or stayed up for a year? *lame jokes* 😀

Anyway, we have another unique ingredient again for this month theme. It can be a fruit and it can be a seed too. Interesting indeed. So without further ado, let’s see the ingredient for this month’s theme.



In the photo, there are sliced almonds, almond powder, candle-nut and red skin peanut. Those are just the example though. In the challenge you can use any kind of nuts you like except coconut. However, we would like to see a recipe that use nuts as the main ingredients such as baklava, peanut butter, macaron, candied nuts etc.

As usual, if you wish to join the fun this month, check out the rules, submit your picture or allow us to use your picture and link up to this post. Submit your recipe before the 30th January, so we can round up everything by the 31st January.

p.s. sorry for all of you who has nuts allergy, because you have to skip this challenge.



  1. Hello there, Happy New Year, I really like your blog and nominated you for The Super Sweet Blogging Award.
    As always participation is an optional, please feel free to check

  2. Chelle Handojo · · Reply

    first time challenging ~! like this? http://chellesroom.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/2lc-easy-peanut-butter-ice-cream-pie/
    hope I did it right :/

  3. […] this month Two Little Chefettes’ cooking challenge, both me and Ridha decided to use Nuts as the main ingredients. Me personally not really a fan of nuts. But since this is a challenge, I […]

  4. […] Januari ini, gw dan Ridha memilih kacang-kacangan (Nuts) sebagai bahan dasar cooking challengenya 2LC (Two Litte Chefettes). Waktu pertama kali si […]

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