My name is Bebe.. originally from Jakarta, Indonesia but now stranded in Helsingborg, Sweden. A full time housewife, not (yet) a mom, love photography and traveling. Cooking have never been my forte. The kitchen wasn’t really my favorite place to hang out also. But ever since I got married and live alone with my hubby Mr. B, cooking became a have-to-do-it-everyday-or-else-you’ll-starve kinda stuff. Buying take-outs every night here is the same as digging a huge hole on your pocket.

When Ridha asked me if I want to join her making this challenge I accepted it like a kid just got a bag of candy — super happy. I sorta feel like this challenge works as little nudge behind my back, pushing me around to do all the things I want to do — like making cupcakes, etc. So yeah.. I know this project is gonna be a blast.

* * * *


I’m a young girl wife and mother. Like to cook and bake. Like to clean and tidy the house too when I’m moody (I dunno why :-p). Just like Bebe, I’m also Indonesian who live in Sweden and married to a wonderful Swedish guy. Plus now I have a Swedenian baby (Swedish-Indonesian, got it? lol)

I dunno what came to my mind, the idea about this challenge just popped-out in my head. Maybe because I wanted to challenge my self every month in the first place. But then I thought, why not asking more people to join the challenge. Should be fun 🙂


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