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January Challenge Round Up

Thank you for everyone who has submitted and share their wonderful recipes. They all look very tasty. And speaking of next month challenge, once again we have to skip it because of our personal matters. Really sorry for that. We’ll try to be better at this skipping challenge thing so hopefully something like this won’t […]

Crumble Cashew Cornflakes Choco

For the last entry of this month challenge, we have Miraa Nihlaa from Mimi cakes who shared her simple recipe which might fit for an afternoon tea snack companion โ€”ย Crumble Cashew Cornflakes Choco with us. For a full post and recipe, please visit her blog here.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

January almost over, yet we haven’t posted so many recipes here. Sorry… Anyway, this recipe comes from Laurie at A Taste of Morning. Check it out to see the full recipe ๐Ÿ™‚ “Mexican Wedding Cookies, which are also known by a number of other names around the world, are a buttery nut cookie. They are […]

Easy Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie

For this entry we have Chelle Handojo who shared her Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie which might be a fun alternative to share with family or friends on the weekend. For the complete recipe, you can check it here.

Classic Almond Biscotti

Hi everyone! We finally have our first post of this year. This recipe come from Tina at Whisks & Chopsticks. This biscotti will make a great snack for afternoon tea or just whenever you need to have something sweet. You can check the full recipe on her blog here.

January Challenge: Nuts

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The very first post in 2013! YAAAAY!! So how was your new year’s celebration? Did you do anything interesting? Party? Stayed at home? Slept for a year or stayed up for a year? *lame jokes* ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway, we have another unique ingredient again for this month theme. It can be a fruit […]

Cinnamon Challenge Round Up

Really sorry for the late post, it has been a very busy week for us. But finally we are at the end of the sweet month and it’s time to round-up all the submission we have received this past month. Big thanks to everyone for sharing these wonderful recipes. Don’t forget to join us on […]

Sarikaya Kayumanis

Sarikaya is one type of Indonesian spread. It usually made from egg, coconut milk, sugar and pandan. Pretty much like a very thick custard that we spread n the bread / toast. However, this sarikaya made by Miraa Nihlaa at My Mimi Stuffs is slightly different because she added uncommon spice for sarikaya spread, cinnamon. […]

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Syrup

Got bored to the old regular syrup when eating your pancake or waffles? Well Laurie from A taste of morning share her brilliant Brown Sugar Cinnamon Syrup with us for this holiday season. For a full recipe, please visit her post here. “Brown Sugar Cinnamon Syrup can be used to add rich cinnamon and caramel […]

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

2LC is getting sweeter this month. Another sweet treats from Kenley at Green Door Hospitality. These little treats are perfect for this holiday season where you have to cook lots of complicated foods, because these cookies are so easy to make. Plus, they’re yummy too! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Check out Kenley’s blog for the full recipe. “Cinnamon […]