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The Chefettes Are Back!

Hi Everyone! So glad that finally we are finally back again after taking a pause for almost 2 months. Ridha is finally getting used to her new routine (school, family, home, blogging) and Bebe is finally back from her long holiday with her family. There’s gonna be some changes though, the previous challenges we had […]

Taking a Break

Lately our activities have been hectic like crazy. There’s school and also some other personal matters that it just seems impossible to maintain the blog for a while. So with that thought, we decided to take a little break from the challenge until further notice. It won’t be for too long, we hope. There are […]

Hello World… Introducing Two Little Chefettes’ Challenge

Welcome to Two Little Chefettes’ Monthly Challenge. As domestic cooks — read: being the person in charge to do all the cooking-related thingy at home — we spends most of our time thinking on what to cook for dinner today. After a while, it become more and more annoying that we decided that we need some […]