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January Challenge: Nuts

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The very first post in 2013! YAAAAY!! So how was your new year’s celebration? Did you do anything interesting? Party? Stayed at home? Slept for a year or stayed up for a year? *lame jokes* 😀 Anyway, we have another unique ingredient again for this month theme. It can be a fruit […]

December Monthly Challenge: Cinnamon

December already? And you know what it means. Holiday season, yes. To celebrate the holiday season, we want to introduce this month’s challenge. Cinnamon Cinnamon is one common spice and everyone uses it a lot in food (mostly desserts). So that’s why we picked this ingredient, because we want to have a sweet celebration for […]

November Cooking Challenge: Mushrooms

Hi Everyone! Finally we have a new theme for this month. After two months break we’re back and ready to start again. Without further ado let’s see the  theme for this month 🙂 Mushrooms Mushroom is a unique plant. And we can’t really classify this plant into vegetables or fruits. It’s different. We like it. […]

August Cooking Challenge: Courgette / Zucchini

Something different for this month’s challenge. Let’s see our main ingredient for this month 🙂  Courgette / Zucchini Google told us that in culinary world, it is a vegetable. However in botanically world, it is a fruit. Pretty special, eh? Also still very summery (even though summer is almost over now). You can make pretty much anything […]

July Cooking Challenge: Strawberry

Summer is definitely here, and to celebrate the season we’ve decided the theme for this month. Strawberry When we talk about summer, berries are the first fruits that came to your mind. And I’m guessing that strawberry is the cheapest one you can get. That’s why we picked strawberry as this month’s theme. Because it’s […]

Monthly Cooking Challenge: Chocolate Chips

For our first ever challenge, we pick an ingredient that is very common yet very tasty… Chocolate chips / buttons Yup, you heard us right… Chocolate chips!  See… it’s not so hard… ^_^ You can do pretty much anything with them. Cookies, cupcakes, muffins, waffles, pancakes, etc. The sky is the limit. So, that’s our […]