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Cinnamon Topped Cake

Our next entry, we have Jeny from who shared her Cinnamon Topped Cake. Usually you mixed the cinnamon in the cake batter, but this one is different. Soft and fluffy cake as the base with crunchy walnut and cinnamon on top. Nice! Another awesome dessert idea for Christmas’ or New Year’s dinner. Advertisements

Apple Crisp

This time we have Tina from Whisks & Chopsticks. Even though there would be no snow nor the sleigh bells either, she still keep the winter spirit by making this delicious  Apple Crisp, which you can see the full recipe by visiting her full post here. Don’t forget to serve it with vanilla ice cream […]

Cinnamon Buns

For our first entry for this month challenge, we have Scott from Feedtheburn who shared his delicous Cinnamons Buns recipe. As he wrote on his post “Cinnamon; in my opinion you can’t get a more comforting spice. It’s warming, brings memories of christmas time to the forefront of my mind and well it’s just damn […]

Pasta with Porcini, Goat Ricotta Cheese and Pistachio

Fancesco from Cooking My Religion is so kind. This is his third recipe that he wanted to share with us. You can visit his blog to look at the recipe 🙂 “Unconventional match between porcini mushrooms and pistachio: delicate flavors and contrast in consistency. Pistachio crisp against softness of mushrooms and homemade pasta.” – Francesco.

Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice

Yeaaay… the monthly challenge is back!!! 😀 For this month entry I decided to try a new recipe. Something a little bit different but it might be fit perfectly for dinner with the family or friends. For complete recipe,  you can check it at my blog here. “I really love this dish. The rice is […]

Porcini Mushrooms and Pumpkin Macaroni

Challenge time almost over. Only four days left until the end of the month. To begin our week , we have Sara at Sara In Cucina. She made a yummy macaroni 🙂 To read more about the recipe, click here. “I made this pasta years ago with my mother and we enjoy it so much that […]

Autumn Stir-fry

Another easy stir-fry you can do with mushrooms. Mei from Rabbit Can Cook made this yummy stir-fry as a side dish for your lunch box. If you want to know more about the recipe, read more here. “Classic Chinese stir fry in oyster sauce combining 2 type of Asian mushroom, lotus root, snap peas, and carrot […]

Cremini & Shitake Mushroom Stuffing

Today is thanksgiving day, to celebrate it Kenley from Green Door Hospitality made a very yummy vegan stuffing. How cool is that? Now you have new way to stuff your turkey 😉 Read more about the recipe here. “The cremini and shitake mushrooms paired with the shallots in this vegan stuffing create an earthy and […]

Pasta with Creamy Mushroom Sauce and Pan-fried Salmon

Hi, Ridha here. This time I made simple pasta for this month’s challenge. For full recipe you can visit my blog 🙂 “Ever since I live in Sweden, I have mushrooms in my kitchen most of the time. They taste good and affordable. Wild mushrooms are better though. However, mushroom-hunting season is over, so I […]

Stir-fry Mushrooms with Seafoods

Today we have stir-fry mushroom (Indonesian style), and if you’re following Ridha’s Kitchen, then you should have known that I mentioned my fellow Indonesian blogger Hesti from Hesti’s Kitchen: yummy for your tummy few times in my blog. Loving all her recipes and gorgeous photos too. Unfortunately the blog is in Indonesian, but you can always […]