This post is from me, Ridha. I made something quick and simple for this month’s challenge because I’m afraid I won’t have enough time. Since I’m going to visit my Mum-in-law this weekend. And then my friends will come over to my place to have dinner together. So yeah, quite busy. I’ll try to be […]

For this month challenge I picked Apple Tiramisu with Cinnamon recipe to try and it was delicious. It’s my first time making a tiramisu so I was really impressed with the end result. Anyway, to get the full recipe, please visit my blog post here. Merry Christmas everyone.. Hopefully you all have a lovely holiday […]

Got bored to the old regular syrup when eating your pancake or waffles? Well Laurie from A taste of morning share her brilliant Brown Sugar Cinnamon Syrup with us for this holiday season. For a full recipe, please visit her post here. “Brown Sugar Cinnamon Syrup can be used to add rich cinnamon and caramel […]

2LC is getting sweeter this month. Another sweet treats from Kenley at Green Door Hospitality. These little treats are perfect for this holiday season where you have to cook lots of complicated foods, because these cookies are so easy to make. Plus, they’re yummy too! 😉 Check out Kenley’s blog for the full recipe. “Cinnamon […]

Our next entry, we have Jeny from who shared her Cinnamon Topped Cake. Usually you mixed the cinnamon in the cake batter, but this one is different. Soft and fluffy cake as the base with crunchy walnut and cinnamon on top. Nice! Another awesome dessert idea for Christmas’ or New Year’s dinner.

This time we have Tina from Whisks & Chopsticks. Even though there would be no snow nor the sleigh bells either, she still keep the winter spirit by making this delicious  Apple Crisp, which you can see the full recipe by visiting her full post here. Don’t forget to serve it with vanilla ice cream […]

For our first entry for this month challenge, we have Scott from Feedtheburn who shared his delicous Cinnamons Buns recipe. As he wrote on his post “Cinnamon; in my opinion you can’t get a more comforting spice. It’s warming, brings memories of christmas time to the forefront of my mind and well it’s just damn […]

December already? And you know what it means. Holiday season, yes. To celebrate the holiday season, we want to introduce this month’s challenge. Cinnamon Cinnamon is one common spice and everyone uses it a lot in food (mostly desserts). So that’s why we picked this ingredient, because we want to have a sweet celebration for […]

Finally, we’re at the end of the month. Time to round up all the recipes have been submitted. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes. Really appreciate it. Hopefully the recipes here will be a big help for those who look for cooking ideas 🙂 And tomorrow we’ll announce the last theme of this year. […]

Fancesco from Cooking My Religion is so kind. This is his third recipe that he wanted to share with us. You can visit his blog to look at the recipe 🙂 “Unconventional match between porcini mushrooms and pistachio: delicate flavors and contrast in consistency. Pistachio crisp against softness of mushrooms and homemade pasta.” – Francesco.